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February Meeting rescheduled for Feb 21
Jan 17th, 2024
The regular meeting for the Agua Dulce Town Council is rescheduled from February 14th to February 21st. The meeting format will be virtual via Zoom read more

No Election will be held on November 7, 2023
Oct 8th, 2023
Currently there are three (3) open seats for a 2-year term. All three incumbents; Don Henry, Scott Keller, and Chris Yewdall declared their intent to run for another term. All three incumbents' applications were filed in a timely manner, and all applicants qualified to fill the three open seats on the Council. No other applicants applied. The Agua Dulce Bylaws state: "If candidates are unopposed or there is less than a full slate of candidates, those candidates shall be elected by acclamation. If there are a greater number of candidates than the number of open seats, an election will be held. No election will be held on November 7, 2023. read more

CERT Training in Agua Dulce starts October 10, 2023
Sep 14th, 2023
CERT Training in Agua Dulce! Community Emergency Response Team training starts Tuesday, October 10, 2023. You will most likely have to take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors after an earthquake or other emergency. Do you know what to do? Learn from the experts on how to prepare and respond in the event of a major disaster. read more

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Don Henry: Chair  
On February 23, the Agua Dulce Town Council and the Acton Town Council hosted a community water meeting for discussion of Los Angeles County Department of Environmental Health's recent policies concerning private well regulations. The main topics of discussion were: · Well Yield Requirements · Well Water Treatment Devices · Hauled Water  
Don Henry, Agua Dulce Town Council Water Committee Chair and Jacki Ayer, Acton Town Council Utilities Chair put together some detailed background and requirements concerning private wells and their maintenance.  
Jacki's presentation included the background of the well ordinances and policies. Click HERE to see Jacki's presentation.
Don's presentation consisted of the "mechanics" and costs associated with the policies Click HERE to see Don's presentation.
Representatives from Pacific Legal Foundation, the oldest and most successful public-interest legal organization that litigates for property rights, limited government, free enterprise and a balanced approach to environmental regulation, in courts across the country then provided some options, feasible remedies and/or solutions to our current situation.  
The meeting was intended to accommodate a free expression of the public's point of view to determine what additional action may be recommended. We as Council's can only take the community's recommended actions and be their representative to Los Angeles County or whatever agency is involved.  
The consensus from that meeting indicated the local communities wanted the Town Councils to begin the process of having the policies and regulations reevaluated by the Board of Supervisors and to take into account the consequences those policies and regulations have on private property owners.  
The end result of the meeting was two letters sent to Supervisor Antonovich. The first letter from Pacific Legal Foundation summarized their presentation and pointed out that the economic impact of the regulations may violate the Fifth Amendment's guarantee against the uncompensated taking of private property for public use. The letter also states the regulations may effect an unconstitutional taking when the owner is denied all economic viable use of his propertyby virture of restrictive land use regulation and is entitled to just compensation. Click HERE to see the letter from Pacific Legal Foundation.
The second letter came from the Association of Rural Town Councils (ARTC) to Supervisor Antonovich. The Agua Dulce Town Council and Acton Town Council (members of the ARTC) approached the ARTC to solicit the support of the entire association. The letter listed the specific concerns and consequences of the regulations and outlined a resolution that implements a stakeholder process that re-evaluates the regulations and requests supporting documents. It also recommends the establishment of an "Environmental Health Division Oversight Board." The letter received support from the entire ARTC member Councils and include the following participating Town Councils: Acton Town Council, Agua Dulce Town Council, Antelope Acres Town Council, Green Valley Town Council, Juniper Hills Town Council, Lake Los Angeles Town Council, Lakes Town Council, Leona Valley Town Council, Littlerock Town Council, Quartz Hill Town Council, Roosevelt Rural Town Council, Sun Village Town Council, and Three Points/Liebre Mountain Town Council. The ARTC serves the area bounded by the San Bernardino County line to the east, Kern County to the north, the Santa Clarita Valley border to the south, and the area east of the Golden State Freeway on the west. We represent the great majority of the combined unincorporated north county population that totals approximately 88,000. Click HERE to see the letter from the Association of Rural Town Councils.
Additionally, Assemblywoman Audra Strickland has introduced AB1041 which will prohibit a city and/or county from regulating a private water system with 4 or fewer service connections. Click HERE to go to Assemblywoman Strickland's website.
We appreciate all of the community input and participation in this process and will keep you updated on any response and/or proposed re-evaluation of the regulations.