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2019 Town Council Members

President: Don Henry
Secretary: Mary Johnson
Treasurer: Troy Fosberg
Clerk:  Ed Porter
Member: Candy Clemente
Member: Scott Keller
Member: Lou Vince

Town Council members can be contacted by email at



Agua Dulce Town Council Meetings Cancelled
Sep 22nd, 2020
Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with Los Angeles County's "Safer at Home" orders that remain in place to help combat the COVID 19 outbreak, the regularly scheduled meetings of the Agua Dulce Town Council have been cancelled. read more

November 3, 2020 Election Information
Oct 2nd, 2020
Where to vote, drop box locations, and tracking your vote. Please see below a tool that can be used to locate the in-person voting centers as well as secure drop box locations. Zip codes may be used in the location finder as well as addresses. In addition, there is a link for tracking your vote. read more

2020 Election Suspended
Jul 31st, 2020
November 2020 Election: There are (3) seats on the Town Council that will have a term expiring on December 2020 for the 2021 open seats. Don Henry, Scott Keller, and Ed Porter. Due to the uncertainty and current concerns with COVID 19 outbreak, and in keeping with the Los Angeles County's "Safer At Home" order that remains in place to combat the Virus outbreak, it is the recommendation of the ADTC Election Committee, the November 2020 Elections, be suspended until the COVID 19 Virus is under control, the Committee also recommends, the above incumbents remain at their current posts until the Agua Dulce Town Council is back to business as usual. Regards, Rosie Heffley, Committee, Chair and Trish Brewer, Committee, Vice Chair read more

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About Us

The Agua Dulce Town Council is a California nonprofit organization and exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Council relies on donations for its nominal operating expenses.

The Purpose of the Agua Dulce Town Council, per its Charter, is:

  1. To serve as a common meeting place for the free expression of all views
    and for the coming together of diverse opinions into a consensus
  2. To discuss issues concerning Agua Dulce, to invite participation by the
    public, civic, and private organizations
  3. To serve as Agua Dulce's representatives and to speak on behalf of the community
  4. To review public and private proposals that may affect the community
  5. To neither support nor oppose any political party or candidate

The Agua Dulce Town Council consists of seven members voted upon by the community of Agua Dulce to act as representatives of the community with local, County, State, and Federal offices.
It is vital to the community of Agua Dulce and the wonderful rural lifestyle we enjoy here that the community stay active and participate with their Town Council.

Meetings the 2nd Wednesday of the month
6:30PM Administrative Meeting
7:00PM Community Meeting
at the Agua Dulce Women's Club
33201 Agua Dulce Canyon Road
The public is always welcome to attend.

Agenda Item Request

Individuals and groups may request that the Town Council place specific issues on the agenda of a future meeting. An agenda request form is available. Click here to download the Agenda Item Request Form.